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6 Safety Tips For Your Farm from KR Electric (2022)

Whether you need specific electrical work done, or it’s time to install a new system, or maybe you are looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption on your farm, KR Electric is the electrical specialist you need!! We specialize in Agricultural Electrical for Saskatchewan and Western Canada for 14 years now. Due to our vast knowledge, experience, and dependability in the Ag industry, we are the preferred contractor for both large and small farms, especially when dealing with complicated installations. No matter if you need an emergency electrician, or just a highly-qualified professional to look around and make sure all your wiring is up to date, at KR Electric we are here to help all your electrical needs! We take pride in being the Number 1 electrical company for Saskatchewan when it comes to Agriculture, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.

When it comes to Agriculture, safety is a priority! Electrical hazards might result in fire and damage to people, livestock, and equipment. That’s why it’s important to know what to be on the lookout for, and whenever in doubt - call the best electrician in Saskatchewan - KR Electric. Our main priority is the customer’s satisfaction and well-being.

We summarized a few ways how you can increase the electrical safety of your farm, so let’s check them out!

6 Electrical Safety Tips For Your Farm:

1. Powerlines - start by identifying all the power lines on your farm, look out for damaged or downed ones. Make sure equipment and people are at least 3 meters away in order to prevent incidents. Electricity has a funny way of “jumping” to you or your equipment if you aren’t keeping a respectful distance.

2. Make sure your farm’s electrical system is properly grounded - KR Electric can inspect all systems and breakers to make sure they are in good operating condition, and all electrical tools have proper grounding protection.

3. Never use metal poles when breaking up bridged grain around and inside the bins.

4. Always bring in a certified electrician to work on drying equipment and all electrical systems in your farm. We are your Agricultural Specialists and will gladly make sure all your electrical operations are working properly.

5. Before transporting and moving equipment extensions, elevators, or portable augers, make sure you lower them under 14 feet. There are a bunch of factors that can make you lose control of the equipment and come across a power line, such as wind, shifting weight, uneven ground. Always be aware of your surroundings.

6. Verify that all light fixtures, switches, and outlets are rated for the environment they will be exposed to. Any and every piece of equipment that is used outdoors, must be rated for outdoor use.

Farming is a dangerous occupation and proper electrical inspections and protocols are a must for the safety of yourself, your family, and your farm. At KR Electric we encourage you to pay close attention to all power lines, equipment, and circuits; and to share this important information with farm managers and their teams.

We can inspect your property today and give you all the guidance you need on how to ensure safety on your farm, home, or office. We are recognized local professionals with 14 years of success, and we are here to make sure you and your electrical needs are taken care of!

Call us today and let us tell you why we are the best electricians in Saskatchewan and Western Canada - 306.441.8727.

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